October 3, 2019

Have You Considered Using Social Media to Market Yourself? Here Are 7 Benefits

Sadly, around 50% of small businesses around the world aren’t using social media and other digital marketing strategies. Social media marketing demands both strategy and creativity and is essential to take advertising seriously since it puts you in direct connection with your target customers.

Roughly 97% of marketers are using social media and 78% of salespeople outsell their competition by using digital marketing. Digital marketing integrates such things as sponsored ads and search engine optimization. Here is how digital marketing can help your business thrive:

1. Grows Brand Awareness

Digital marketing helps you spread the word about your products and mission. You can create a robust online presence by Tweeting some hilarious memes, place funny comments under people’s posts, and regularly engage with your social media followers.

Similiary, digital marketing allows you to engage in social campaigns, which may increase your outreach. You can also use various content marketing tactics to push your content widely. When your posts go ‘viral,’ more people are likely to check out your business, leading to more sales.

2. Increase Traffic

Link your social media accounts to your website and watch your traffic skyrocket. As people go through your timeline, they may be attracted to what you offer. This may help you increase traffic to not only your digital websites but lead to more product purchases and sales.

3. Promote Products and Services

This is the primary goal, isn’t it? Social media and digital marketing agencies help push your business to your potential customers. An excellent digital marketing strategy incorporates search engine optimization to ensure your website pops up first whenever customers are searching for your service.

4. Trackable and Measurable Results

You can keep track of how many people visit your page. Most digital marketing companies send back analytics of how your social media campaign is fairing. This allows you to go back to the drawing board and modify your strategy to be more productive.

5. Personalization

You can come up with a database full of details of your most loyal customers. Whenever they visit your site, you can send personalized greetings and offers at discounted rates, which will help foster customer loyalty down the line.

6. Improves Conversion Rates

Digital marketing services use various strategies to ensure your content reaches the people you want it to. They help you increase your online visibility, subsequently leading to a positive impact on your sales.

7. Targeted Ads

Targeted ads are an essential aspect of search engine optimization. Digital marketing allows you to tailor your ads specifically for your target audience. For example, if you sell to two different age demographics, you can make two different age-appropriate ads.

Final Words

Search Engine Optimization prompts your site to show up on the first few pages of Google. Studies have shown that businesses that pop up on the first page of the search results get as much as 92% of consumer traffic.

A search engine analyzes your site for content to ensure it is high quality since they are trying to optimize their users’ online experience. They also check on how stable your website is, how quickly it loads, how long your URLs are, and whether they contain relative keywords. Give us a call today if you’re ready to improve your company’s digital presence!

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