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Bunn Brands: Your Marketing Family

Bunn Brands is a full-service internet marketing agency that helps businesses reach their maximum potential through digital marketing. We function as a family that works together, because your success is our success.

Website Designs that look so good on the outside, it’ll definitely make you feel good on the inside.

Reaching the top of search engine results with content and ads that speak to the heart of your business.

Print materials and designs to match the quality & creativity of your ever-growing business.

We’ve got you covered with professional grade equipment to develop photo and video content for your business.

Digital Marketing

Digital & Internet marketing are today’s hottest sources for getting your business found. Whether you study and do it yourself or trust the professionals marketing is something that, simply put, MUST be done!

Our Shared Goals

Let's Get You Found

Our first goal is to get you on the web. People need to be able to find you if they are looking.

Engage & Advertise

Our second goal is to engage with the community and raise awareness through advertising.

Analyze & Pivot

After we've had time to setup, engage, & advertise we can analyze and pivot strategies.

Creative Design

Web Design

Gorgeous WordPress websites custom tailored to your business needs.

Graphic Design

Professional business logos & print material design for your business brand.


Quality photography using local artists that really capture who you are.


Dynamic video content planned, scripted, and filmed just for your business.

Our Team

Our Passionate Creative Team

Travis Bunn

Owner & Developer

Jason Turner

Copywriter & Designer

George Hamelin

Copywriter & Sales Manager

Jesse Stallworth

Video & Photo Media Production

Michael Brandon

Social Media Trainer

Bill Brady

Marketing Instructor

Cory Dailey

Graphic Designer

Kayla Urbina

Account Manager

Storm McDonough

Social Media Manager

Cassidy Blaney

Account Manager

Our creative team is made up of a diverse group of individuals all working together, in unison, on their individual passions. At Bunn Brands we want workers that enjoy their job and care about the outcome of their work. Together we work to include our staff and clients alike in the Bunn Brands family. After all, your success is our success in the end. We specialize in all fields of marketing, so let’s open a conversation about your marketing and how we might help you succeed. No matter your budget or your position in business there is something you could be doing to improve your internet marketing strategies.

Project Management & Communication
Research and Strategy
Design & Creativity
Marketing Experience
Media Production (Video, Print, Photo, Web)
SEO Copywriting Content
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Delivering quality digital marketing services to clients across the east coast.

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