Content Development

Your customers are out there everyday doing research around products and services before they buy them and more often than not they go with who they see and trust. Gain attention locally and nationally from natural search rankings by developing targeted and meaningful content for search engines and potential customers to read through and enjoy.

How Do We Help Develop Content For Your Business?

Search Engine Optimization does not have to be a scary phrase that big-headed marketers throw around as if there is some grand secret. First your website must be clean and functional and next you need to develop meaningful and targeted content for people and search engines to understand you better.

Search Engine Optimization

It's no secret that people use search engines and you may have heard a lot of information revolving around the "Secrets of SEO". We hate to break it to you, but there are no real secrets when it comes to optimizing search engines. You want consistent, meaningful, and targeted content developed regularly so that Search Engines begin to rank you for some of those keywords you're after. First you succeed locally and over time you begin to take over wider areas should you develop proper content to do so. We develop blogs, build backlinks with reputable sources, share on social platforms, and optimize your on-page SEO so that search engines and people can find as well as learn the most from your website.

Product, Event, & Location Photography

Quality photography is necessary when developing a brand for your business. People gravitate toward things they can relate to or trust. They want to know they are looking into your business and understanding your nature instead of seeing stock photography of a person they may never see in their life. Build a relationship with your customers before they even give you a call with compelling quality photography of your business, your event, your products, and more...

Video Marketing for All

Video is hot and it will continue to be hot for some time to come. More people join the ranks of YouTube everyday and streaming video is a new normal in every household. Make sure when you decide to do video that you are truly capturing the imagination of your consumers and getting them to dial that number for your products and/or services. Together we can develop a commercial, an intro, an interview, a music video, drone footage, or any other type of video to help boost your business. Let's brainstorm with professionals to come up with a game plan that suits your business brand and brings your perfect customer in the door.

Search Engine Optimization

On-Page SEO Optimizations to existing pages so you get the most from your static pages.
Monthly blogs that target specific keywords and help increase your ranking with those keyword searches.
Image Alt Tag SEO insertion that will increase your chances of ranking positively for keywords.
Monthly backlinks with reputable news sources and affiliate clients that build your trust among search engines.
Monthly Twitter shares to check the block of Social Sharing that Search Engines look for.

Product, Event, & Location Photography

1/2 Day or Full Day photography sessions with a professional photographer.
Private one-on-one planning session to plan out necessary shots that can be used.
Professional camera and lighting equipment for the photo shoot.
Photo edits and rights to photographs for all marketing purposes.

Video Marketing for All

1/2 Day of Full Day Videography sessions with a professional Videographer.
Private one-on-one planning session to plan out the final product, the script, & the shots needed for editing.
Professional camera & lighting equipment for the shoot of the video.
Rights to the fully edited version of the video for all marketing purposes.
Actors & Actresses are available for hire upon request.
Drone filming is available.
RED camera available for filming.

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