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Bunn Brands is the #1 marketing agency in McDonough ga working together toward the same end goal for every staff member and client: success.

Travis Bunn

Owner & Developer
Army Veteran, Father, & Husband
Headshot of Travis Bunn, owner of Bunn Brands Marketing Agency in McDonough GA


Travis Bunn has been building websites since his younger years growing up in the 90's. This was long before he created a marketing agency in McDonough GA. Of course, this was during the early years of the internet, back when personalized websites hadn't quite caught on as much yet, even for business purposes. Following his military service with the U.S. Army in 2013, Travis began to improve his skill sets alongside the now rapidly expanding internet. He learned everything he could about the changes since his childhood, going as far as getting his Computer Information Technology Bachelors Degree from Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

During his time in school and afterward, Travis accelerated his digital marketing journey by working professionally with various businesses on their digital marketing goals. Through the years Travis has been a partner in two different digital marketing agencies, both of which he ended up buying out and re-branding to Bunn Brands. During this process, Travis and Bunn Brands as a whole relocated from Fayetteville, NC and planted roots as a family and a Marketing Agency in McDonough, GA. The days of freelancing are long behind Bunn Brands as we expand into hiring experts in their fields to improve digital marketing in and around Atlanta.

Together we will bring the #1 marketing agency in McDonough GA to the forefront of SouthEast Atlanta.



Arynn Veteto

Operations Manager
Arynn truly holds down the fort and keeps everyone working together well. She oversees day-to-day operations, training, and sometimes even some client communications.

Mike Bowden

Web Manager
Mike works totally in our back-end systems ensuring websites are built, perform as they should, and tickets from our clients are handled within a reasonable time-frame.

Jomar Mccray

Professional Photographer & Videographer
Jomar boasts a long-standing record in Atlanta starting with music videos and working into the business world. His creativity and skill brings his work to life no matter the topic.

Jesse Stallworth

Professional Photographer & Videographer
Jesse is another one of our amazing videographers and photographers. Jesse hails from Great Britain (UK), but for the past 10 years has traveled around the US working with film.

Christina Jaro

Professional Illustrator & Designer
Christina Jaro is a long time friend of Travis Bunn and his wife, Brittany Bates-Bunn. Christina has a rather superb talent in branding, illustration, and various other art forms.

Storm McDonough

Social Media Growth Expert
Storm McDonough actually began "Nu Market Media", Travis' first marketing agency, many years ago. Storm has since enhanced his Social Media skills and come back to push Bunn Brands.

Alex Cox

Professional Illustrator & Designer
Alex joined our team through the recommendation of Christina Jaro and has shown us what she has to bring to the table in graphic, now she's looking to progress into marketing!

Bill Brady

Marketing Instructor
Bill Brady is a U.S. Navy Veteran that has taught many structured classes within the military. Upon leaving he sought us out to dive into marketing and bring his teaching skills to boot.

Sarah Minor

Professional Illustrator & Designer
Sarah Minor has been a branding professional in her own business long before joining Bunn Brands. Her eye for design and her knowledge of branding are invaluable to our team.

Cory Dailey

Professional Illustrator & Designer
Cory Dailey is an illustrator through and through. No matter what design he touches his art shines through in a bold and unique way. He's even worked with a developer to design his own video game featuring his particular fun and creative art style.


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