Reporting & Analyzing

In order to make proper steps forward and understand if your marketing efforts are working then reporting is a must. Reporting alone will just build up your unread emails or stack papers on your desk. First proper reports must be set up and then they must be analyzed so that your marketing efforts can pivot toward what is working so you don't waste money on what isn't working.

How Do We Help You Report & Analyze?

Reporting & Analyzing is the base of everything we do. If we set up a service for you then you can bet that we have backups, reports, and analysts to look through it all. Let's set up a meeting to check out your marketing efforts.

Website Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the main sources for analytics to much of the online world. This is a staple setup for every website we host & maintain. While there are other analytic tools that we utilize Google Analytics is one of those that just must be setup and configured across the board. In addition to Google we employ tools to report any downtime, security risks, and other issues that could possibly plague your website on a regular basis. This helps us stay ahead of the game and ensure your website functions properly and without incident. If incidents should occur then our response is swift and meaningful with detailed information on what happened and what we're doing to resolve the issue.

Advertisement Analytics

You'll never know just how well your ads are doing unless you properly track them from site to action to conversion. With detailed analytics such as ours you not only get information on the conversion process itself, but you get phone recordings of the actual phone calls obtained through your advertisements. This allows real-time monitoring of your sales calls to properly train sales folk or learn best what has worked, what is working, and what just might not be working all that well. We hold quarterly reviews of advertisements to go over the successes, failures, improvements, and changes we will be making for the next quarter so you get the most out of your budget and truly understand the happenings in your online advertisements. All this information is housed in our marketing Dashboard that you will have direct access to monitor reports, phone calls, and more...

Search Engine Optimization Analytics

Not sure what blogs are doing for you? It does take a while for search engines to crawl through your site and begin ranking your content so don't fret! Each new blog addition is pushing you closer and closer toward creeping up in those search engine rankings. A good portion of people skip by the ads at the top of a search, so you want to make sure you're the next one up there. We begin our focus locally so that consumers right near you will find you first instead of your direct competitors. Each month we develop new blogs, new backlinks from reputable websites back to your own, new social shares, and continue to monitor the effectiveness as you get up to that first page and a robust amount of content is available for your followers to sift through as they gain trust and a desire to reach out for your services and/or products.

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