Advertisement & Engagement

The quickest way to get people to your website and engaging with your content is to advertise and engage. As you build your content people will naturally find you through search, but there is definitely something to be said for always being visible to your customers and ready to take their next order.

How Do We Help You Advertise & Engage?

You've already got a top of the line website, but the traffic just isn't flowing through the door for you to make money. No one knows you or your website exists! Through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising with Google & Social Media we can get your brand seen by more eyes increasing the chance of you making a sale.

Keyword & Competitor Research

We use a set of skills and tools we've picked up along the way to perform research on your competitors to help us get a leg up on what your competition is and is not using to their advantage. We then use detailed keyword research tools to find a specific set of keywords to target in your advertising campaigns. This research is gold in the Pay Per Click (PPC) world.

Google Ads

Let's face it, Google has the larger share of search engine users when by large when compared to any other search engine in existence. Therefore, we've certified ourselves and made ourselves professionals of setting up and maintaining Google Ad accounts. We get down to the nitty gritty with our Keyword & Competitor Research, but inside a Google Ads campaign is where the metal hits the grind stone. Our team works diligently to implement your account and then regularly monitors and updates your account monthly to keep your ads working at optimal performance. We even have a dashboard for you to monitor progress and listen to recorded calls that come in from your campaign.

Social Media Advertising

We always recommend to use in-house social media managers since they will be there on the ground with you to get actual photos and video from the business itself. Whenever you hire out a company to manage social media accounts they tend to fall in the bland or flat category, but advertising is another story. We can create compelling graphics, videos, or animations to push your social media ad to the next level. Let's talk about how we can get your social media following engaging with you by producing top notch content for them to consume and respond with on a regular basis.

Keyword & Competitor Research

Included with all Pay Per Click plans.
Report of findings provided for approval before implementation.
Private consultation meeting to discuss and report findings.
General plan of action regarding the research and next steps.

Google Ads Management

Initial campaign setup including Keyword & Competitor Research.
Setup a web-to-lead form that collects important lead data for sales analytics.
Phone Tracking credit of $10 to track calls coming from your ads and record them in our dashboard.
Monthly recurring services like pausing keywords, updating ad copy, modifying bids, & optimizing tasks.

Social Media Advertising

Initial campaign setup including Keyword & Competitor Research.
Website Landing Page creation for advertisements.
Advertisement graphics, ad copy, and tracking setup.
Monthly analytic reporting.
Quarterly one-on-one review of your current ad progress.
Monthly tweaks to bids, ad copy, ad graphics, & landing pages to optimize performance.

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