The Need To Internalize

Bunn Brands is in a constant state of growth, just like all of our clients. We feel the need to continuously work on improving our clients and their clients experience with marketing across the board. That means sometimes we jump from tool to tool in order to figure out what works just right for our particular blend. You should never be afraid to make changes or pivot in your business.

We found a need to internalize our servers (not physically) and bring on a web manager to provide the best service to our clients and the websites we manage. In the past we’ve had different companies managing our servers and the plugin stack that use with out client sites. Today that changes and we think that will make it better for all of you.

Your Web Manager

Mike Bowden is our new Bunn Brands Web Manager. He will be working quietly in the back of your websites keeping your tickets cleared, your website secure, and your site up to date. We do have others that work on some of these things here or there, but Mike will be your main point of contact for now. As we grow we plan on Mike taking over management of others like him to continue improving the web experience on an even grander scale.

What Does This All Mean?

In the end, all this means for our current clients is that someone else will be handling the back-end work of your website. We have a ticketing and project management tool setup so you to make things simpler for all our clients when working with Mike and our other back-end management team members. We encourage you to use the form attached to (be sure to use your website domain) to submit any support tickets you need Mike or anyone else in Bunn Brands to work on for you.

Whether you’ve been in business for two months or ten years, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Do I need a website?” At least 90% of adult Americans have access to the internet, and about 30% of those say they don’t trust businesses without a website. Based on those facts alone, not having a website will exclude your business from expanding beyond your physical location and can severely impact your potential customer base. So the short answer is, yes! A website WILL help you grow your business!

Why Do I Need a Website?

A website is an extension of your business, the first thing a potential customer will do is search for your business’s name online. They are looking to legitimize your company! Any professional business will have a website, right? With one quick web search, everyone will have access to your business, allowing you to attract more clients. All of your available products or services can be purchased instantly online. Local customers can find your five star reviewed business and can even drive to the location from the google maps link. To put it simply, having a well-designed website will make your business more professional and more easily accessible.

Do I Need a Blog or a Website?

Blogs are a type of website that can be used to update and provide perspectives on specific topics and can cover a wide range of information, from recipes to politics, which will allow you to increase your potential SEO. You can have a blog as your main website or as an extension of your main page, depending on what your business requires. The website itself is your main source of information for potential customers. It contains pages which are sorted into categories to organize your informational content such as products, services, contact information, location, etc. A blog will establish you as the subject matter expert in the topics for which clients are searching.

Do I Need a Dedicated Server for my Website?

So you’ve built your website or had someone build it for you but you don’t know what kind of server to use. As a new business, a public servant may be the best, and cheapest option while you’re building up traffic to your website. Though, while you are using a public server, you compete for space and if you’re a larger website, you may have slower loading times. To give your potential web clients a smooth and easy browsing experience, a dedicated private server would allow you to function without fighting for space. With a dedicated server, you can also customize your server’s operating system, apps, and data storage, making it completely your own. Of course with a  private server, comes a higher price, but if it’s in your budget, your business might benefit in the long run.

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