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People often judge the legitimacy of a business by the quality of their website design. Half of all visitors will leave a website that they feel is designed poorly. This means you may be missing out on critical customer engagement and conversion! Bunn Brands can design you a quality website that represents your business and actually WORKS for your business goals. Already have a fantastic website? Awesome, but we can provide an Audit that may suggest improvements that will increase your conversion rates and thus your lead generation.

Web Development Demystified

Key Components Of Websites

There are a few key components involved when creating a website and publicly displaying it to the world. Keep in mind the following are only the top three things needed to get your website online for the public to see. There are quite a few other intricacies involved dependent upon your website functionality and design.

Domain Name

Domains are how your visitors will visit your website using a browser (i.e. One domain must be used as the main, but we can redirect others to the main one. We use Google Domains for management.


There are so many different hosts out there from the most well-known to lesser known hosting services. To consolidate efforts we offer hosting & maintenance ourselves, which our clients say keeps them at ease.


Of course you have to have a design to show on your website. This is the final piece of the puzzle in your website going live. Of course there are many components that fit into a design, but we suggest keep it simple.

What Our Customers Say

6-Step Process

Our Design Process

Please understand that the coming weeks are going to involve spending time researching, speaking with you, testing out different design concepts, repairing errors, and more. Every website is different and may require varying amounts of work. To that end we need to speak with a client and determine their needs/wants in order to give a proper estimate on their website design. Below is the process we follow!

1. Kickoff Meeting

After signing a contract for one of our services your sales representative will begin the Kickoff Meeting right then and there! You’ve already signed up and paid 50% of the total upfront, so of course we’re not going to wait at all to get started!

You’ve probably answered quite a few questions already, but stick with us as we prepare the beginning of your account with us. At this time your sales representative will:

  • Secure Documentation of Your Needs. (Likely completed during first meeting)
  • Work With You To Fill Out Our On-boarding Questionnaire.
  • Direct You Where To Send Vital Logo Files, Graphics, Photography, & More.
  • Go Over Each Of The Steps In Our Design Process With You.
  • Set Up Your Design Meeting With Your New Account Manager. (Generally Within 1 Week)
  • Answer Any Questions You May Have And/Or Notate Them For Your Account Manager.

Don’t worry! The information we have gathered will allow us to get started setting things up for you, so between your Kickoff Meeting and Design Meeting dates we will be hard at work putting together your project documentation, management tools, and development setup. Expect to receive emails regarding information about your account with us, receipts of purchase, and an initial e-mail from your Account Manager!

2. Design Meeting

The first meeting with your new Account Manager will be specifically about the Design of your website. You may be provided with documentation concerning later steps (such as tips on content if you are providing all content). Your Account Manager has had time to review your on-boarding questionnaire and hopefully received some of your Logo Files, Graphics, Photography, etc…

If you haven’t found the time to send these things don’t fret! Your Account Manager will work with you to figure out if they require any other files to complete your design. During the design meeting your Account Manager will go over details such as:

  • Your Company Brand. (Colors, Logos, Fonts, Design Direction, etc…)
  • Specific Features You Wish To Be On Your Website.
  • Any Stipulations As To What We Should Avoid.
  • Briefly Review Designs You Have Indicated Interest In.
  • Review Any Templates You Have Chosen For Your Design. (If Applicable)
  • Request Any Needed Files That May Be Needed To Complete Your Design
  • Explain The Build Process & Schedule A Check-In. (Within 2 Weeks)

Please understand that we cannot accurately estimate when your design will be completed as each website will require different features and time to complete. As long as you remain diligent & responsive to file requests everything will run smoothly! The check-in date may or may not have a completed design, but by this date we will have a solid completion date if you have not already been provided with one. This is of course providing we have received all needed files.

3. Build Phase

Generally we allot and estimated 2 Weeks to your design build time. Each design is different, so a “Check-In Meeting” will be scheduled during our last step. If the design itself is smaller and simple then your Check-In Meeting may include the completed design for review, but for more complicated projects this will be a meeting in which your Account Manager will update you on the progress of your design and when you can expect to have it for review. Due to the nature of Website Design and ensuring you have a complete design to review, we will not be able to provide you with a half-designed example of your website. You will have ample time following the completion of your design to make your desired changes.

Upon the full completion of your design you will have a chance to review this design and submit any changes you may want done. We recommend that if you’re producing the content yourself that you take this into consideration when changing the design. We design websites with years of experience in user interaction, marketing, and inbound marketing. That being said, we will change the design as desired. Upon completion of the edits we will move into the content phase. The time frame for completion of edits may depend on the number of edits and complexity of those edits.

4. Content Phase

Dependent upon if you purchased copy services with us or if you plan to submit the content yourself this phase may present itself in two different manners:

  • Copy Purchased – If you purchased copy services our copywriters will begin to develop the content for your site on each page specified. (1-2 Weeks Estimated)
  • Copy Not Purchased – Following your Kickoff Meeting you will have received tips on how to produce your content. You will now have time to examine your design and develop the copy, which will replace filler text used for the design completion. (Timeframe Is Dependent Upon Timely Submission Of Copy)

After your content has been published we will immediately move into the Pre-Launch/Launch phase! Almost there!

5. Pre-Launch & Launch Phase

Your design is completed, your content is in place, and you’re ready to rock-n-roll! Not so fast! We’re going to give you one more chance to make changes to your website before going live. On top of that we may need some information from you before we can push everything live! We may have covered this in the very beginning with your Kickoff Meeting, but there is specific information we will be needing in order to launch. Some of that information might be:

  • Domain Access – We will need access to your domain. If we are managing this for you then no worries! We’ve got it!
  • Host Access – We will need access to your host to upload your design. If we are managing this for you then no worries! We’ve got it!
  • Final Payment – Of course in order to go live we will need to receive your final payment!

After completion of your final review there will be no more edits allowed to the design of your website. Our WP-Pro hosting/maintenance package includes unlimited edits, which refers to content swap outs, posting a blog that you provide, or changing basic information on your website. This does not include design changes, which would require a new Exhibit addition to your existing contract and may involve more fees. These fees will be explained to you and the payment of such fees will be arranged before work begins.

Once everything is settled of course we will push your website live for all to see! If you did not choose to join our Hosting/Maintenance packages you will have 30 days to report any errors on the website. Errors do not include typos to content you provided, design changes, subtractions from the website, or additions to the website. If a portion of your design is not functioning properly within 30 days we will gladly fix the issue for you. Following your 30 day period a new Exhibit will need to be created and signed, which will incur additional fees that will be handled before work is to begin. A timeline will be provided for any changes that need to be made.

6. Digital Marketing

If you have purchased any on-going Digital Marketing services from us we will begin work on these starting on the 1st of the following month of completion. Dependent upon the services in question there are differing expectations to be explained in a separate section found below. If you did not purchase on-going Digital Marketing services we would love the opportunity to go over the benefits with you and discuss how we can assist you in this manner. Congratulations on the completion of your design!

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