Web Development

Web Development has been a passion of ours for some time now. Websites are no secret at all, bit it does involve a bit of understanding and a lot of work to get things moving in the right direction. A gorgeous design is definitely going to give a great impression, but it won’t go far if you don’t update your content often and keep things interesting. Do you want an online business card or something that actually WORKS for you?

Web Development Demystified

Key Components Of Websites

There are a few key components involved when creating a website and publicly displaying it to the world. Keep in mind the following are only the top three things needed to get your website online for the public to see. There are quite a few other intricacies involved dependent upon your website functionality and design.

Domain Name

We recommend you purchase your domain name yourself. You can do this in many ways like here. This will keep your domain in your control avoiding any issues in ownership no matter what should happen.


There are so many different hosts out there from the most well-known to lesser known hosting services. If you don’t want to bother with any of it then we do offer hosting packages with backups, maintenance, & more!


Of course you have to have a design to show on your website. This is the final piece of the puzzle in your website going live. Of course there are many components that fit into a design, but we suggest keep it simple.

What Our Customers Say

Patricia Bunn

“A great team to integrate into your business as your all-in-one marketing solution!”

LeRoy Hodges

“Since working with Bunn Brands our prescription scripts have increased by over 30%!”

Belinda Wilkerson

“Travis worked patiently with me and for me to remove some technical pain points. I highly recommend this team!”

Our Web Design Pricing

Our Process

Please understand that the coming weeks are going to involve spending a lot of time researching, speaking with you, testing out different design concepts, repairing errors, and more. We have created pricing that is as close to “set pricing” as we feel we are able to achieve. Every website is different and may require varying amounts of work. To that end we need to speak with a client and determine their needs/wants in order to give a proper estimate on their website design. Above is a general way to price out your designs range of cost.

Step 1


After signing a contract for one of our services we will set up a Kickoff Meeting with you. Generally we like for these meetings to be scheduled within 2-weeks of the signing date to keep the business and information fresh in our minds. Before now we have gained some basic information from you on your needs & wants, but the Kickoff will go a step further by talking about functionality and design details. Dependent upon your level of design (Template, Custom Templates, or Custom Design) our Account Manager will walk you through the process of getting your design started. This may involve choosing a template, showing us websites you particularly like, going over your logo & brand colors, drawing out a mock-up, or more. Each website is different and we want to dedicate the proper amount of time to your goals, design, and implementation. The Kickoff Meeting will follow along our process and either gather information or inform you about the step in question.

Step 2


During your Kickoff Meeting some information will be gathered about your overall website design, branding, and a bit more about the functionality of everything we’ve got going on. This information will be used over the coming weeks to come up with concept designs for you to approve or edit. For those buying simple or edited templates this will be the time you will look through and decide upon templates or pick out a variety of templates/features that will be used in the design. A meeting will be set before the end of your Kickoff Meeting to go over the results of your Design Concepts. Here we will discuss any changes you may have for the overall design, which will not yet include content or copy. Once these changes have been notated and the design fully gone over we will move into our next phase. 

Step 3


You will be able to follow along in the build phase through the use of Monday.com, but this phase will be one mostly comprised of Bunn Brands employees working together to complete your design with your branding. The Design meeting will give us a guide to completing a polished product for you that will perform when put to the test. Your chosen design will be build or converted into your brand colors, your logo will be displayed, and stock photography and generic copy that relates to your brand will be used to give the design a complete feel. It is important to realize that this copy is based upon information we may have gathered from you or other related websites. Our next phase will include changes to the copy dependent upon your chosen plan.

Step 4


Through your Design and Build phases we will be diligently working on understanding your business and your competitors. Through detailed research we will attempt to put together basic copy for your website based upon what you have sent us, what we have found online, and what we see from your competitors. During this fourth step of your design process you will have the chance to change out the copy of your pages for new content. You will need to submit a file containing the content to us and we will put it in place of the content we have created. Keep in mind we recommend you keep titles and paragraphs in the structure they are in. Search engines read websites in a very specific way and the structure in which we build websites means quite a lot to them.

Step 5

Pre-Launch & Launch

Just after completing your content changes & replacements we want to make sure everything is good to go for the launch of your new design! We’re going to give you a chance to go through the website, test things out, and put together any changes you wish to make before going live. During this time we will also be asking you a few questions about how to move forward with your domain name, hosting options, SSL Certificates, E-Commerce Payment, Email Services, & more. As we said there is quite a bit more websites than it first seems. We want to make sure you truly understand everything before you take off on your journey. Anything following our launch phase will likely be in our Digital Marketing services.

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