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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fancy word for talking about improving your website ranking in various search engines. While Google remains the king of search engines SEO does not only help your rankings on Google, but on all search engine platforms (Bing, Yahoo, etc…). Just like any other marketing service there is no secret to SEO marketing other than consistent and relevant content generation, backlinks from related website articles, and social sharing. Of course there are a few settings that need to be set, but we make this simple!

SEO Secrets

SEO Demystified and Explained

The main secret to SEO is that there are no secrets. Google and other search engines change their algorithms throughout the year and are continuously growing. Certain practices may change over time and keeping up to date with these practices is important, but below are some of the main “secrets” to SEO if there were any secrets.

Keyword Research

By doing a bit of research you can naturally target the right customers. Think like a customer looking for your business and how you would search for it. Pick out keywords that describe your business and use those in your website.

Proper Setup

There are certain bits of your website in the background that search engines see. Image Descriptions, alt text, page descriptions, and more should be properly setup to reflect your chosen keywords.

Quality Content

High quality content rich in proper keywords and subject-matter paint an even broader picture of what your website is about. Build yourself as an authority in your field. Become the brand people seek.

What Our Customers Say

Our Plans

*Minimum Of 3 Months Service Agreement Required For Quarter Of Year Analytics Gathering*

First 30 Days & More

Search Engine Optimization Process

Your First Month

On the 1st of the month following your design completion or sign up date you will be charged for your first month of service and your marketing journey will begin! We’ve built a timeline for you to best understand what to expect and the work that we will be performing for you. We will be accomplishing the following tasks within your first 30 days.

  • Learning About Your Business & Identifying Keywords & Content That Will Be Best For You.
  • Implementing Reporting Including: Keyword Rankings, Website Traffic, Domain Statistics.
  • Claiming Your Directory Listings & Optimizing Google My Business.
  • Scheduling Writing Kickoff Call To Review Content Direction & Existing Content.
  • Content Configuration Involving: Adding Deeplinks & Mapping Keywords, Research For Content, & Content Review.
  • Onsite Content Delivery, Offsite Link Acquisition, & Onsite Optimization Report.
  • Implementing Onsite Optimization, Analytics Setup (If Not Done), Form Tracking, & Phone Tracking.
  • More backlinks!

Of course, if at anytime you have questions you can reach out to your Account Manager! They would be more than happy to set up calls with the writers if need be or discuss changes to the strategy moving forward.

Consecutive Months

The following months will consist of the recurring services you have purchased from us. We will follow up with you to check in on the progress of everything and if anything needs to be discussed we’re just a phone call or email away! If at anytime you’re having issues with your Account Manger feel free to reach out to or your Sales Representative to discuss the matter further. We want you to be happy and to enjoy your experience with Bunn Brands always!

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