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My Own Vices

Video Games have always been a huge time-suck of mine. Recently as I have gotten busier and busier with my business and helping other businesses grow I have had to put such things on the back burner. I will always love video games and will always continue to play them when I have time, but the key phrase in this are “when I have time”. It sucks pretty bad to have to give up something I love so much to pursue my goals in life, but that’s part of growing up and being an adult. At 30 years of age it took me quite a while to fully grasp sacrifice until recently. Some might say serving in the US Army was a sacrifice, but I still pretty much did what I wanted outside of work. As I continue to grow my business I find that I’m almost always working, but it doesn’t feel like work.

Find Your Passion

If you can manage to find something you truly enjoy doing and turn that into a money making opportunity then you’ve won just as I believe I have. I don’t make tons of money currently and I give away a lot of free information through my Blog, but the fulfillment I get from helping a business grow or from finishing a design and making it viewable to the public is immeasurable. Actually wanting to wake up in the morning to get my day started is simply bliss for me. I may not be 100% where I want to be in various aspects of my life, but I am pursuing what I love and I think thats a plus in my book. As I continue down my path I hope people can learn from my experiences and maybe even save themselves a little bit of time and heartache along the way.

Goals Present and Future

I absolutely love marketing and web development. I may fit more into the marketing side of things, but programming and web development in general will always hold a special place in my heart. Seeing everything come together in the end is such a great experience and I hope everyone can get there in every aspect of their life. Now that my schedule is moving nicely and I’m pumping out work with Sticker Shark, my own business mentioned above, and a few of my own side projects I think my next big challenge will be to get back in the gym and lose some weight. Not only will losing weight help me feel better about myself, but it’ll make me feel better in general.


Travis Bunn

Travis Bunn

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