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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is essentially paying search engines to list your website or landing page at the top of searches around specific keywords, but only when someone clicks the link. This is not just a plug and play system as there is plenty of management involved in these campaigns to ensure your money is not wasted on the wrong traffic. If you believe your website is ready, but just needs some quality traffic to make conversions with then PPC Campaigns are most definitely the way to go.

PPC Tactics

PPC Demystified and Explained

Just like SEO there really are no secrets to PPC, just understanding how it works like any other industry or business. You understand how your business works or how to develop your product/service just as I understand how to manage PPC Campaigns. It takes a lot of prep work upfront, constant monitoring, and in depth analysis of the campaigns weekly as well as monthly to ensure everything is going the way you want it to go and you are gaining the quality traffic you desire to your website.

Proper Targeting

PPC Campaigns are powerful if you ensure you are targeting the right people. Make sure you are targeting your ads, depending upon the keyword and content, at very specific industries or people to get quality traffic.

Ad Groups

Performing research on keywords you want to use in your PPC Campaigns is crucial. Grouping those keywords together in similar groups will ensure that the ad is relevant to the keywords selected and will gather quality clicks.

Quality Ad Copy

Make sure the content copy of your ad is written specifically around the keywords in that ad group. Make sure you’re making multiple versions of the copy to properly A/B test those ads and make sure you know what works.

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Our Plans

*All Plans Require A Startup Fee, Which Covers The Extra Work It Takes Our Account Managers To Setup The Initial Account.*


*All Plans Require A Startup Fee, Which Covers The Extra Work It Takes Our Account Managers To Setup The Initial Account.*

*A Minimum Of 3-Months Service Agreement Is Required To Allow Quarter Of Year Analytics To Be Gathered.*

*The Cost Of This Service Will Include Our Maintenance Fee + Your Monthly Ad Budget. Please Be Aware Of These Costs*

PPC Campaigns Are Designed To Target And Gain Traffic To Your Website Or Landing Pages. The Website Or Landing Page In Question Should Be Properly Optimized To Guide A Visitor Toward Completing A Goal (Such As Filling Out A Form). We Will Evaluate Your Website Or Landing Page To Let You Know Our Thoughts On Conversion Possibilities Before Accepting And Beginning Your Project.

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