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Really step up your game with professional video filming and editing to bring your ideas to life.

Video, movie, cinema concept. Retro camera, clapperboard and director chair. 3d

Scripting, casting, staging, and more are available before we even fire up the camera for you.


After filming is complete we need to put together your video and perform some Hollywood magic.

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Video Production

Bunn Brands has had experience with filming in music, political events, business events, commercials, interviews, and more…

Your next video deserves to be done with the best quality and care available. Your viewers deserve to see you at your best and get a clear message about what you have to offer them. Really grab the attention of the masses with a video so that they don’t have to read. You know how people can be.

Video is hot right now and will be for some time. You can pull videos up on multiple platforms and get a quick run-down of the situation without feeling like you’ve wasted a huge amount of time. On the other side of the coin, video is great for entertainment and can be used to encourage waste of time through enjoyment.

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Delivering quality digital marketing services to clients across the east coast.

Video Filming & Product Production

Film & Production

Let Bunn Brands put together something special for you and your visitors that’s sure to bring in the clients.

We have a team of talented individuals that always think about the final product.

Professional gear produces professional quality with the right hands at the wheel.

We can help you plan out a script, fill a cast, or even setup your stage.

Talented editors and VFX Artists can bring your filming to life on screen.

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Please make an appointment as we will not always be in the office at this time.

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