Creating A Marketing Budget

A Tool & Guide To Developing A Marketing Budget

Over the years we've noticed a trend in businesses that do not already have a marketing budget in mind, because they do not know where to even begin. Please use our FREE tool to figure out what your budget can do for you today no matter how much you might have readily available.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Should You Create a Marketing Budget?

We believe a proper marketing budget is key to the success of your marketing efforts. It's not so much the amount that you put into the marketing budget, but that you have a budget set, know what services that budget is allocated to, & in some cases track the effectiveness of those marketing efforts. Knowing your marketing budget allows you to set aside that money every month, increase your budget when doing well, & decrease your budget when you're not doing so well. Understanding the services that pull from your budget will help you to understand the different sections of your marketing & how to best adjust your budgets.

How Much Should Your Marketing Budget Be?

This question is a bit harder to answer because it depends upon the business we're talking about. Marketing can be a money pit if handled incorrectly so we recommend taking a percentage of your net, much like the American Business Association does. Many recommend between 10% & 20% of your turnover should go back into marketing. If that isn't feasible then that's definitely ok, but it is important that you get started on your marketing so you don't get behind the curve. If you spend your money wisely then your budget & you will grow to add in more marketing services along the way.

What Marketing Services Should You Focus On?

Bunn Brands follows a marketing formula that has been developed to work, when properly tailored, for any business. We follow a specific order of services developed to build upon each other and get your marketing in the right place to do the most good. There are still differences with each business, but for the most part, we can break down some options for various budgets ranging from FREE to thousands of dollars. Please utilize our budgeting form tool to determine what services you might benefit from. We will send you more information on these services so that you can get started for FREE with improving your marketing efforts. If you need help with any of these services we're here to help!

Marketing Budget Tool

Make use of our unique budgeting system that will provide you with information on where you should start with your marketing efforts based upon the budget you think is viable. You should expect to pay this budget for no less than one quarter (3 months).

Featured Services

If you believe you're ready to take the plunge with a marketing agency on your marketing efforts then please review our services below.
Business Branding

Logo Design & Business Branding

Our team of professional designers can develop crisp & attractive logos to facilitate memorable interactions with your business. We ensure all your graphic materials, whether print or digital, follow a standard that sets your business apart from the competition.
Website Development

Website Design, Hosting, & Management

The beginnings of Bunn Brands began with websites & it remains a staple of our work to date. We develop beautiful & functional websites that meet the highest web standards available while our back-end team keeps things up to date, secure, & backed up.
Local Listings & Reviews

Review & Directory Management

Word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing & online reviews happen to be the online word-of-mouth equivalent. List your business properly across 65+ directories & guide your customers into leaving you reviews across all these different directories.
Social Media

Social Media Profile Management

We know that Social Media is it's own world & this is a world we truly understand. We can assist you with developing regular content & posting it to your social media pages. Let us do the heavy lifting while you field incoming messages & inquiries.
Search Engine Optimization

Blogs, Backlinks, & Optimizations

Optimizing your website for search engines is tedious work riddled with research & optimization of images, text, & more settings. We'll develop quality blog content based on your industry, obtain vital links from other websites to your own (backlinks), & optimize existing content for the keywords important to your business.

Social Media & Google Ad Managment

With a solid base of marketing content out there for your followers to sift through it is time to advertise and push people who have never heard of you to the front door. Our research team works together with our advertising team to find specific target customers, locations, & keywords that are looking to buy.

Filming & Video Editing

Taking your content to the next level can prove difficult, but video is definitely where we recommend starting. Our team can assist with scripting, filming, editing, & brainstorming your next big video idea. Working together we can develop something that speaks to your audience, attracts more followers, & elevates your business.

Marketing Consulations

Fancy yourself a bit a marketing guru or do-it-yourself type person? We don't want to step on your toes, but if you need a sounding board or a team that you can talk to about your marketing efforts, instead of having them do it for you, then we can surely help iron some things out and set you upon the right path.

Ready for S.M.A.R.T. websites?

The best websites on the internet have intent through S.M.A.R.T. goals developed just for the business at hand. Specific goals that can be accurately Measured should be Assigned to team members with Realistic & Time-related expectations in order to provide a return on investment.

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