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Directory Listings and Reviews

Reviews are the online form of word-of-mouth marketing and as we all know: that is the best form of marketing.

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Directory Listings

Lock your information into a database of directories so your business is listed accurately.

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Review Maintenance

Automate the task of asking your customers for reviews and showing them how to do it.

Online Directories


Bunn Brands helps your business get found through online directory listings. Many of these listings house reviews, which we help you gather.

Back in the day we had phone books. Today we have internet directory listings such as Google My Business, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, and more…

Bunn Brands assists you in updating your information across 65+ of these different directories and locking that information in place until editing is needed. Any other existing directories out there that might be scraping the internet for data will find the most accurate information for your business.

On top of that, many of these directories house reviews, which we will help you get from the happy clients we know you have.

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Delivering quality digital marketing services to clients across the east coast.

Directory & Review Tools

Our Process

There is a method to our madness and it seems simple, but the art of automation is a beautiful thing.

Gather & list your business information across 65+ directory listings.

Gather your previous and existing client emails and phone numbers.

Build a landing page and process to walk clients through the review process.

Remind clients to review, monitor for negative reviews, and show current reviews.

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