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We specialize in WordPress support & management services for website owners no matter what business type. Our plans provide total peace of mind…we’re here to take care of everyday maintenance and ready to troubleshoot problems, answer questions, and provide support as needed.

What We Do

Services We Offer

There are four primary services we are offering in our hosting and maintenance plans. These have been outlined for you below to give you a better idea of just what it is we do in these plans. On top of these four services we also include monthly reporting on our services.



We take care of WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates on a weekly basis (with some exceptions). You can rest easy knowing your website is working the way it is supposed to. Unlimited Website Updates* are included in our WP-Pro Plan.

24/7 Security

Bunn Brands offers 24/7 security monitoring using industry standard tools and practices. We know that websites get hacked everyday. Since WordPress currently accounts for over 30% of the whole internet (yes, it’s true), then your website is a big target for hackers and bad actors.

Cloud Backups

Every night, all the changes made to your site are backed up remotely to Amazon’s cloud, one of the most trusted data storage platforms in the world today. Ensure your website stays backed up so instant repairs can be made if needed.



Working with us means getting fast support from WordPress experts. We love answering questions and troubleshooting issues. We even add professional WordPress training videos right in your WordPress dashboard! Knowledge is power after all and we want our clients to be powerfully smart!

* Our WP-Pro Maintenance Package Includes Unlimited Website Updates. Unlimited Website Updates are updates to the existing content of your WordPress website. These are generally updates that take less than 30 minutes, such as changing text or images on existing pages, swapping out your logo with a new one that you provided, adding a new blog post to your website that you’ve provided, adding a new product to your store (given that we receive the product information/photos).

What Our Customers Say

Our Pricing

If we do not maintain a website then we do not host it and if we do not host a website we do not maintain its security, updates, backups, etc… Some membership or e-commerce website may require a custom quote as the amount of work going into those sort of websites will be more than your average builds. Please contact us below to discuss jumping on a plan today!

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