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We’re excited you want to take the next step! We’d love to speak with you about the needs for your business so be sure to fill out the form below with accurate information. As a preparatory move we’ll go ahead and look for any marketing you already have going on if we can pull it up.

If you have something specific or some more information you would like to share go ahead and throw it in the message section below!

What’s Next?

You’ve Reached Out, Now What?

 Discovery Meeting – Day 1

Our next steps are first and foremost to reach out to you and discover the needs for your business. This will involve a face-to-face meeting, phone call, or video call depending upon your location, desire, and availability. After years of performing our services for various businesses we have developed an efficient system for moving forward. We utilize a questionnaire to gather as much information about your business and your needs and based upon that questionnaire will be able to easily put together a proposal for you. Most times your initial meeting will involve a needs analysis (using our questionnaire), a service proposal based upon those needs, and if that proposal is accepted then proper contracts and payments will be arranged. If the process is smooth enough we may go straight into your Kickoff Meeting or we may schedule this for another day. This process is meant to be smooth, so if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed it’s always best to take a break while we continue to work.

Kickoff Meeting – Days 1-3

The kickoff meeting is a chance for you to review our process once more. During this meeting we will be gathering any missed information and explaining to you the various services you signed up for and what to expect from them. If you have anymore questions or requests now would be the perfect time to ask them. If a website design is included in your services we may ask a few questions, but we won’t dive 100% into design aspects at this time. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure we have all the information needed from you to move forward and that you fully understand our process, timeline, and systems. All the information gathered in the past two steps (normally carried out by our sales staff) will be handed over and explained to your account manager. Your next meeting will be with your account manager again in-person, over the phone, or by video depending upon location & availability.

Design Meeting – Days 5-10

The design meeting will be arranged with your new account manager. Your sales representative will always be available to you if you wish to file complaints, switch account managers, or have another inquiry that you think might best be made through your sales rep. Your account manager will have already been given your meeting notes and should have already begun work on your account as shown in your Kickoff Meeting. The design meeting is for the Account Manager to introduce themselves and go over your design plan with you. The manager may have mock designs to show, a site-map to confirm with you, or various other questions/examples to go over so that your design will work for you. Together you will plan out the design/build to be made. Please keep in mind these managers have produced numerous successful campaigns for a variety of businesses and have expert insight into how websites look and function.

Build Phase – Days 10-20

Your personal Account Manager will utilize the information and plan gathered to develop your professional website. Your design will be completed in Mock Fashion. This means that the design will be 100% complete, but there may be a need for changes in imagery, written content, colors, and certain other features. During this 10 day span your Accounts Manager will put together a complete design for your review. You will be given 2 different chances to edit the design during this phase. Once the design has been completed we will move into the Content Phase, but your Account Manager will likely have already been working with you on Content Development. We can, of course, at your request get our own copywriters to work on content to fill out the websites design for an additional fee. This phase will likely be 100% remote and done through e-mails or phone calls. If a video or in-person meeting is needed then we can arrange this.

Content Phase – Day 20-25

Changes in content can sometimes cause changes in design and we want to ensure everything is finalized for you. Your Account Manager will have likely already been working with you on Content Production. We do employ our own writers and would be more than happy to produce this content for you, but in some cases (such as with pricing) we will still need to refer to your knowledge of the business. Each designed page will have section headers to define what each piece of content is about, but the paragraph text will often utilize Lorem Ipsum (a filler text written in Latin used by many web designers). If you are not utilizing our writers then the Lorem Ipsum filler content will need to be rewritten by you or one of your employees. We will take this content, put it in place, and get your final approval before moving into our last and final step. This phase will likely be 100% remote and done through e-mails or phone calls. If a video or in-person meeting is needed then we can arrange this.

Pre-Launch & Launch Phase – Days 25-30

We generally break this final meeting into two steps, but both are taken care of within the same final meeting. Pre-Launch & Launch Phases entail setting up your website on whatever hosting platform you might be using (ours or another). We may need access to domain accounts, hosting backends, or more to complete this process. We will spend the first half of our meeting discussing your options and ensuring we can follow through to put your website up live across the internet.

Final Meeting & Digital Marketing Talk – Days 25-30

The final step in our process is to go over your website with you. We will discuss how WordPress operates and the various functions you can utilize without fear of messing anything up. We will point out a few best practices when working within the Content Management System and show off some other features of your website. We will also be going over the next steps for what we would recommend you do with your website. If these things are something you wish for us to do then we would be happy to work out another contract. This is mainly an attempt to set you on the right path or cover any other services you may need.

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