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Sincerely we would love to see you succeed as a business with or without our help. We truly wish everyone the best in their journey toward getting more business online, as the heart of everything is the entrepreneur! In an effort to better assist our clients we have taken all of our services and combined them into convenient digital marketing packages designed to take you to the next level with clear pricing and services that only get better as you progress!

All In One

Combining All Our Services

We’ve put together packages of all our services to make things even easier for you. In our packages we offer 4 main services that work together to form a complete service. Also included in the pricing is hosting/maintenance & directory listings to really seal the deal. Your Digital Marketing will be at it’s strongest when all services work together. As we succeed and bring you more business we can grow with you into higher levels that bring even more leads! Get the complete inbound marketing solution right here at Bunn Brands.

Review Management

You’ll have access to our Review Managment platform that allows you to gather more 5-Star Reviews across multiple platforms and fast!

Website Optimization

Bunn Brands will take a look at your existing website to see what SEO changes we can make for the better. New designs are not included.

PPC Management

We research and target specific keywords and demographics to ensure the right traffic gets to your website for even higher conversions!

SEO Management

Ranking high in natural search engine ranking can be difficult, but extremely lucrative. Let’s grow your content to help visitors naturally find you online!

What Our Customers Say

Full Service Marketing

Marketing Packages

Our marketing packages are the complete solution to your digital marketing needs. Each package comes with six services that can be customized to the level of work or budget that works for you. Below we will discuss each of these services and what they entail. 


1. Directory Listings


There are a variety of directories out there that you may not even know about. Of course, Google is one of the most popular, but did you know that Yellow Pages also has an online directory? Often times these directories have automated systems that pull information from each other. This means that if your phone number is incorrect on one of your directories then it is possible for the others to pull that incorrect information to list on there own! Make sure this doesn’t happen to you and all your directory information is locked in place with our Directory Listing service. This is a standard service attached in the beginning of any Full Service Marketing plan we offer.


2. Review Management


You offer a great product/service and have many happy customers, but why are they not leaving reviews? Often times we hear the same excuses such as: I forgot to ask, the client forgot, or the client did not know where/how to leave a review. The key is really to ask consistently and in a non-invasive manner. Our Review Management platform allows us to reach out to your customers via e-mail for a simple request to review. This request will be attached to a landing page that will make it super easy for them to leave a review or submit feedback to you if they had a bad experience (thus avoiding the bad review and attempting to make amends with the consumer yourself). On top of this you will receive a QR code that leads to your landing page, an email signature that allows every email you send to potentially grab a review, and even text messages to request reviews! All we need from you is emails/phone numbers of clients every month to send out! Remember that online reviews are highly effective and often thought of as word-of-mouth advertising, which is the BEST form of advertising.


3. Website Optimization or Design


Your website needs to work for you. A beautiful design is definitely something you want, but in the end you really want your website to work and do what it is supposed to. We take the time to research and learn about your business as well as your needs. If the website itself needs a revamp then we will make that suggestion and actually include the redesign in your first month of service (then continuing with the online marketing starting in the second month). However, if your website looks and functions great they we just want to take a look and optimize a few things for SEO purposes. This may involve changing a few words around or even rewriting some of the content, but not change the overall message of this content. The goal here is to ensure that search engines are properly crawling your website and specific keywords are being used. In the end we want everything to WORK for you, because if you succeed then we also succeed.


4. PPC/SEM Management


One of the best ways to get qualified visitors to your website and increase traffic is to market within search engines. Google is obviously the king of search engines with a few competitors always hanging around. PPC/SEM Management involves keyword research to ensure we’re using the right ones and creating text copy around those keywords. By properly setting up your Google Ads account and ads we can ensure the right people are seeing and clicking on your ads. The level of detail and number of keywords that goes into these ads will depend on the budget you wish to spend. PPC stands for “Pay Per Click” and SEM “Search Engine Marketing”. You will need to place a card on file with your Google Ads account and specify your budget with us. Each time a search engine user clicks your ad it will cost from a few cents to a few dollars. This is known as CPC (Cost Per Click). We will be tracking to ensure conversion of customers and to report your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). For example, if each click is $1 and it takes 12 clicks to get one lead then your CPA would be $12. For a website that properly converts PPC is the quickest way to get an increase in leads as the search users are looking for your specific service/product and you are advertising directly to them via the words they search for.


5. SEO & Content Generation


SEO is no secret, but it does involve detailed work and research. We take the time to study your business and ask you for keywords that you may want to look into. We may suggest another keyword following our research, but the idea is to develop content through blog posting that will add more pages to your website for search engines to rank you by. Each new blog will attract new visitors, establish your business as the authority in your field, and work with search engines to raise your natural ranking within their searches. On top of blog production we will be providing backlinks, which greatly affect your search engine ranking. Backlinks are simply links from another website to your website and from your website to them. If the links are placed around specific keywords then search engines begin to rank you as the authority around those keywords. While manually doing this task is possible by simply asking other bloggers and businesses to link to your website we already have a network of clients, news agencies, and more that are utilized for such purposes. Here at Bunn Brands we take on the motto of “Marketing For All” which ensures our clients and us grow together and exponentially!


6. Hosting & Maintenance


To make everything as super smooth as possible we also include website hosting and maintenance in our packages. This means no paying various places for your website, keeping up with theme/plugin updates, or worrying about security. We include 24/7 security monitoring, unlimited content updates, 2x Daily Backups, Uptime Monitoring, Performance Optimizations, Priority Support, and Monthly Reports. We simply want to make your online marketing experience as easy and effective as possible. Allowing us to take on the complete package ensures that we are able to make things happen for you!

Phone Tracking, Form Tracking, & Monthly Reports are a part of every package! Know that everything is working and how much it’s working to properly track your ROI (Return on Investment)!

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