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Bunn Brands is a marketing family working together toward the same end goal for every staff member and every client: success.

Our History

Bunn Brands began as the brain child of Travis Bunn, it’s owner & creator. Through years of freelance & agency work Travis formed a method of growing websites that scaled into an agency to help others flourish.

Even before the 2000s, during the late ’90s, Travis was already starting to build websites. Of course, this was during the internet’s early years, back when personalized websites hadn’t quite caught on as much yet, even for business purposes. Though even then, some businesses were ahead of the curve and began on their digital marketing journeys a bit early as well. Following his retirement from the U.S. Army in 2013, Travis’ began to grow his skill sets alongside the now rapidly expanding internet. He learned everything he could about it, going as far as getting his Computer Information Technology degree from Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. During this time and then afterward, Travis accelerated his digital marketing journey by working professionally with various businesses on their digital marketing goals. In 2017 OutStage Solutions was formed by Travis and a few like-minded colleagues to meet the needs of businesses in and around Fayetteville, NC, with their internet marketing efforts. As some individuals moved on from the original business, Travis took over OutStage completely, re-branded to Bunn Brands, and has been pushing marketing for businesses ever since. Further growing Bunn Brands into what it is today by hiring a complete Marketing, Design, and Copywrite team. During this process, Tavis and Bunn Brands as a whole also relocated from Fayetteville and planted roots as a family in Conyers, GA. The days of freelancing are long behind Bunn Brands as we expand with experts throughout the field to improve digital marketing in and around Atlanta, 

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Delivering quality digital marketing services to clients across the east coast.

Marketing Today

Today Bunn Brands boasts a team of experts in various fields of the marketing industry. Together we work as a family to ensure the success of each family member, including our client family!
As a group, we support your business in Web Development, Internet Marketing, and even Print Design. We can work with you to develop a digital marketing strategy that combines your offline efforts in one group effort to help your business succeed in the jungle of competition out there. Today Bunn Brands is a full-service agency that utilizes the expertise of many.

Whether you’ve got an idea for website design or not we’ve got your back with technical experts and talented designers.

Reach the top of search engines using researched SEO content and pay per click ads targeting your specific ideal customers.

Maintain consistency of your brand across web and print with our print designs tailored to match and utilize your digital experience.

Key Skills

Our Strengths

The strength of Bunn Brands lies within our structured approach and our teamwork mentality. We’re one big family working toward the same end goals for every staff member and every client.


Create an effective strategy before jumping in.


Consistency, brand, & beauty all working together.


Developing a website that works with your plans.


Analyze & pivot marketing efforts to gain clientele.

Our Team

Our Passionate Creative Team

Travis Bunn


Overall Operations

Jason Turner

Copywriter & Designer

Management Team

George Hamelin

Account Manager
(Management Team)

Management Team

Jesse Stallworth

Video & Photo Production

Creative Team

Michael Brandon

Social Media Manager

Management Team

Bill Brady


Admin Team

Cory Dailey

Graphic Designer

Creative Team

Kayla Urbina

Website Manager

Storm McDonough

Social Media Manager

Management Team

Arynn Veteto

Graphic & Web Designer

Creative Team

Sarah Minor

Branding & Graphic Design

Creative Team

Jomar McCray

Film & Video Production

Creative Team

Christina Jaro

Graphic Design

Creative Team

Alex Cox

Graphic & Web Design

Creative Team

Our creative team is made up of a diverse group of individuals all working together, in unison, on their individual passions. At Bunn Brands we want workers that enjoy their job and care about the outcome of their work. Together we work to include our staff and clients alike in the Bunn Brands family. After all, your success is our success in the end. We specialize in all fields of marketing, so let’s open a conversation about your marketing and how we might help you succeed. No matter your budget or your position in business there is something you could be doing to improve your internet marketing strategies.

Project Management & Communication
Research and Strategy
Design & Creativity
Marketing Experience
Media Production (Video, Print, Photo, Web)
SEO Copywriting Content
Bunn Brands C.E.O

Words about Travis

An analytical mind with a dream for every client to succeed.

Travis Bunn was born Novermber 28, 1987 and is a son, brother, husband, and father that has been designing websites from a very young age. Through the years he has gained his Bachelors degree in Computer Information Technology and brought his developed method of internet growth to various businesses. With a dream of success and teamwork in mind, Travis wants to bring light to the marketing darkness.

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