What is Bunn Brands?

Bunn Brands is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency created and operated by Travis Bunn and a team of professionals. Together we have built a system that helps our clients understand their services and trust our work to bring them real results. We work one-on-one with our clients using an Account Manager system that keeps everything super simple and quick. Communicate with one person and ensure all your digital marketing efforts are taken care of.

One-On-One Assisstance

Account Managers

Bunn Brands believes in giving our clients our all. That’s why we have dedicated Account Managers that only handle a small group of accounts with their own teams. These Account Managers are your singular contact with Bunn Brands unless you have any other issues! Your Account Manager will have an overall view of your services, marketing plan, billing, direction, and more…we want to make it super simple and familiar for you to work with us.

Dedicated Account Managers

One-On-One Assisstance

Simple & Familiar

Unified Team

New Level Of Transparency

Project Management Tools

In an effort to both increase productivity and allow our clients insight into the status of their web development we have implemented the use of Monday.com, which allows us to invite the client to see, comment, and participate in their marketing experience! Join your account manager on your phone or computer with a truly unique approach to project management and customer satisfaction.

Talented & Capable

Your Account Managers

There are a variety of backend workers that work with our Account Managers to ensure all work is completed. However, with our simple method of communication you will only need to work directly with your Account Manager! The job of the Account Manager is to analyze and manage the work happening with your account as well as handle all communication with clients like you!


Travis Bunn

Travis Bunn

Owner & Accounts Manager

Travis Bunn has been involved in Digital Marketing and Website Development from a very young age. His passion is digital marketing and helping businesses grow through such services. U.S. Army Veteran, member of Cape Beard: Follicles of Freedom, and all around computer nerd. Just who you want for web work!

Jason Turner

Jason Turner

Accounts Manager

Jason Turner was the first addition to the Bunn Brands team! Jason brings a jack-of-all-trades talent that makes him a perfect Accounts Manager. Jason specializes in finding ways to make systems work for any situation. This talent stems from his eclectic everyday interests such as computers, games, hunting, camping, and more!

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