September 9, 2019

7 Tips on How to Localize Your SEO Content to Increase Conversions

All search engines consider location as an essential factor when ranking search results based on relevance. For instance, the results of the search for a real estate agent made in Houston will differ from those of a similar search made by another person in Atlanta. The localized nature of SEO thus elicits the need for businesses to develop content, which is relevant to their locality and the users within their geographic region. This article takes you through content development tips and tricks that can help digital marketing companies to localize optimized digital marketing content.

Why is localized SEO content important?

According to Google analyses, 46% of searches performed online — and approximately 82% of smartphone shoppers — involve searches related to location. Most of these searches seek to find specific business information such as phone numbers or addresses. To optimize the chances of your business being found by prospective customers near you, you have to build content and pages that are relevant to each locality of your business. Better yet, location-based content and keywords have less competition. If you’re a new venture or a small-scale business competing against big firms for search engine ranking, then localized content should be your strong competing tool. So where should your SEO management begin?

1. Creation of localized content and page

If you own more than one store, then ask the digital marketing companies providing your SEO services to develop separate location or store pages. These pages should have distinct descriptions for each store, its location, operating hours, and any other offers at the store. You should not duplicate content across stores located in different regions.

2. Look for relevant local key-phrases and keywords

The use of local key-phrases and keywords within your blog posts and website content is beneficial to local SEO. You can use the Google keyword planner tool to find keywords, which are relevant to your locality and business. Choose keywords with the least competition and high search volumes.

3. Compose localized content for your blogs

Regular posting of blog content boosts your search ranking and organic traffic. For example, you can integrate local news, locations, and how-to articles that have content related to your locality. You could also post blog content on local sites with authority in your industry and create backlinks to your site. This move can increase your organic traffic and improve your brand’s reputation.

4. Tap into social media platforms to reach more people

You can start by promoting your localized content on local groups in social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can use hashtags that are location specific and promote local events to reach out to people near you.

5. Create mobile-friendly content

Recent surveys show that 57% of internet traffic originates from smartphones. This fact implies that if you need to reach the increasing number of mobile users, then you have to create mobile-friendly content and sites that are easy to navigate on the phone.

6. Work with local experts and the local community

You should get involved in the community for your business to get noticed. You can participate in local sporting or charity events, and make donations or provide sponsorships during such events. Community activities bring many locals together, and they provide an opportune moment for your business to get attention.

7. Feature in local directories and reviews

You should get your business into local directories and encourage your local clients to make reviews on your business and the products or services that you provide. Positive reviews and local listings will help prospective customers reach your business. It’s free to get your business listed in online directories such as Yelp and Yahoo Local. Digital marketing companies can also give your business some insight about the relevant industry-related listing options that can help you list your business in directories that are related to your market niche.

Finding reliable digital marketing companies is essential for the success of your SEO marketing plan. As a rule of thumb, always go for digital marketing companies that provide complete digital marketing packages. This choice will ensure that you get all your needs in one place.

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