July 8, 2019

5 Reasons to Segment Your Audience When Marketing Online

When marketing online, one of the successful strategies to use is audience segmentation. It is a process of classifying potential customers based on the characteristics that define them. For instance, you can choose to group them based on age, parental status, or buying behavior. You can also segment them using location, social background, and many other details. Experienced salespeople know that creating and identifying unique customer profiles is essential to cultivating a successful sales funnel.

It easier to sell to segmented customers than to a general audience, a fact confirmed by the latest trends in marketing. For example, large marketing firms are assigning workers duties that require them to focus on particular types of customers.

Here are the main benefits of audience segmentation.

It’s a more effective digital marketing strategy

When marketing online, you need to know how to craft your message for the audience. You will notice that every group of clients is unique, and so you can attend to their needs better. Besides that, the process of developing these customer profiles will help you better understand your customers in the first place. You will know who they are and why they want to connect to your brand. Because of that, you will know how to craft marketing messages that appeal to them. The latest SEO research shows that 92% of online consumer traffic goes to businesses that appear at the top of search results. However, once those visitors reach your website, do you know how to convince them to pick up the phone or make a purchase? Breaking down your audience into distinct segments will help you move customers through your sales funnel effectively.

Unique experiences for customers

In a digital company, you can connect better with your customers when you work with small groups. You will understand their unique needs and the solutions that they expect. To make it even better, you will know how they perceive your company and therefore makes it easy for you to develop unique experiences for them. If you want to give your customers a one-of-a-kind experience, segmentation is the way to go. The strategy will even help you understand how to personalize your products.

Take advantage of modern analytics

There’s one major advantage to marketing online — the vast amounts of data available to you. In Google Ads and Facebook’s advertising platform, you can target potential customers based on age, sex, location, income, relationship status, and interests. On top of that, analytics tools give you incredible insight into the consumers who interact with your company online, whether via your website or social media. By using this analytics data, you can refine your marketing strategies to better appeal to your ideal customers.

Useful for marketers on a budget

You may want to launch a marketing campaign, but you do not have a massive budget for television commercials. Fortunately, marketing online is incredibly cost effective compared to traditional forms of print, TV, and radio advertising. Plus, once you’ve identified your market segment, you can show your ads only to these customers, focusing on likely customers with laser-like precision. You will notice that with smaller groups, you can stretch every dollar. It makes it possible to maximize your online marketing ROI even on a tight budget.

Another reason why you are likely to get more ROI with this strategy is the reduced workload. It is exhausting when dealing with a massive audience, which is why many marketers find themselves stretched too thin. However, if you can ensure that your ads only show to your most likely customers, you can conserve your resources for the leads most likely to convert into long-time customers.

It is now evident that segmentation has a lot of benefits. Every marketer looks for the most effective way to do their work, and this strategy gives them exciting new tools. When marketing online using customer profiles, you can achieve a higher ROI and better customer relations. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, then it’s time to start developing customer profiles and distinct market segments. When marketing online, it’s the best way to ensure a positive ROI.

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